A Summer For Us [Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer]

A Summer For Us [Destiel/Sabriel/Michifer]

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SabrielSalute By WaywardSupernatural Updated Jan 27

School's over and it's time to relax. Normal families would go on holidays or stay home, but not the Novaks' and Winchesters'. Complete strangers to each other, but have so much to know about each other. 

Dean Winchester

19 years old. He's the loud and popular type, would rather party hard than sit and read for at least 10 minutes. He has a younger brother but loves him dearly and won't allow anyone to hurt him. Currently studying to become a Mechanic. 

Sam Winchester 

15 years old, 4 years younger than his older brother. He's the quiet type, quite why around others but he comes out of his shell with a little bit of convincing. He would rather stay inside than go outside to do adventurous activities. His brother and father want him to go into the mechanic business but Sam wants to study Law and become a Lawyer.

Castiel Novak 

18 years old, the 2nd oldest in the family. Castiel is the serious type, like he has a stick permanently stuck in his ass. He's studying sociology. He loves his family but he knows when to tell them to cut it out.

Gabriel Novak 

14 years old, 4 years younger than Castiel but he isn't the youngest in the family. He's the trickster of the Novak household, he would rather throw paint at someone than stand still and present something. When he's older, he wants to go into music because he can sing, play guitar and piano which he is very proud of. 

Lucifer Novak 

He is 22 years old. The oldest in the Novak household. Him and his close friend help run the camp along side other members of staff. They both met at the camp and they will continue to come every year to help out. He wishes to study animation to become an animator when's he has his degree. 

Michael Shirley

Has no relation to the Novaks' or Winchesters' except for knowing Lucifer, his best friend. He's 23 years old and is nearly finished studying to be a engineer.

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D & A? More like dick and ass (what does this even mean what am I trying to say)
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Ah! Vocabulary! Thank you for that. (Not being sarcastic, move word choice)
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this is already really good. i love the vocab!! thanks for writing a fanfic that most probably is going to make great sense.
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Why do i always laugh when heat of the moment and gabriel are in the same sentence