Spriggan 15

Spriggan 15

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Metatron By MavisVermil Completed

"Hey Natsu what's that Lucy girl mean to you?"Lisanna asks Natsu

"Well she's my mate"

'NOOO I was supposed to be your mate not that blond bimbo' Lisanna thought

"Lisanna are you ok ,you raised your magic energy a lot "

"Yeah I'm fine lets go and see your 'mate'"she announced 

They begin to walk over to Lucy who is talking to Mira, Carla and Wendy

"Hey Lucy this is my friend Lisanna you know the one that came back with us from edolus with the exceeds"said Natsu 

"Hey Natsu ,it's a pleasure to finally meet you Lisanna we never had the chance to speak properly "smiled Lucy 

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well Lucy "Lisanna said in a fake happy tone as she pulls Lucy into a hug

She whispers into Lucy ear "stay away from Natsu ,if I see you two together I'll kill you with no second thought "

Lucy was shocked for a moment and whispers back"ok I'll stay from Natsu "

Lisanna leaves and picks a job for only two people for the next day and smirks

Meanwhile in another...

Nashi_senpai Nashi_senpai Jul 22, 2016
*narrows eyes* if you don't go hug Levy-chan, I shall never forgive you gajeel
Nashi_senpai Nashi_senpai Jul 22, 2016
What about the thing they do when a member leaves (I forgot the name of it) you know, like when natsu was fighting with mystogan in the edolas arc and erza when her childhood friends leave.
Nashi_senpai Nashi_senpai Jul 22, 2016
this isn't really appropriate for writing, you should just do simple ellipses (...)
Nashi_senpai Nashi_senpai Jul 22, 2016
Wait Makarov knew about alvarez, why would he let a request to be in his guild and alvarez is a completely different nation...
SakitoDreamWriter SakitoDreamWriter Aug 01, 2016
But her name is Elesis... *Dramiticly cries* Why? WHY?! 😂😂😂
Nashi_senpai Nashi_senpai Jul 22, 2016
Oh dammit, this is one of those ones where lisanna is a b_tch. She's really nice in the show and I honestly don't think she likes natsu, so reading this feels uncomfortable...:/