Sexual Nights~Marichat Lemon/Sin Imao

Sexual Nights~Marichat Lemon/Sin Imao

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{Author-chan/Yandere-chan} By MarichatCatty1977 Completed

Hey peepies its Catty Kitty Shipper so today imma do some smut month thingy so my sis told me that and the 2 rulez are

No cheating
No other cartoons only ML 

And this is how it works

If you are going to make one you will not regret this

The name should be named with the word sex or smut!!

Then tag me so I can see your book

Add depsription too and done

Easypeasy told ya now make it to be challenging you should do this in one minute so yeah that's all bye!!!

{~Shipper/Catty the Princess of Ships~}

amster_h amster_h Nov 14
I'm pretty sure this is from act 2 when Romeo is leaving Juliet at her balcony
MiniErica MiniErica Nov 26
Yea, if my crush said something like that to me I'd turn into putty too
Kiss!! Kiss!!! Kiss!!! Kiss!!! Kiss!!! 
                              *yells kiss the entire time*
amster_h amster_h Nov 14
Ugh God no 😒 I'm studying Romeo and Juliet at the moment and its such a drag
MiniErica MiniErica Nov 26
Would you like a side of Adrien with your Chat? No? Just Chat now? Ok. Adrien has left the building.
That. Would. Definitely. Be.  Adrien Agreste. Am. I. Right. Or. Am. I. Right.