Life with Brennen Taylor✔️

Life with Brennen Taylor✔️

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heyyfayfay By heyyfayfay Updated Jan 12

I heard my alarm go off and it was One Dance by drake.    I felt my bed move. It felt like someone else was on my bed.

Then it all hit me. Last night I was with Brennen and we kissed and.. Did he stay the night in my bed? 

I slowly open my eyes and see Brennen right next to me with his eyes shut.

" I know your staring at me mila" he said with a smirk "Oh." I said awkwardly 

My face started to heat up. Thank god he still had his eyes shut. "Could you turn off your alarm clock please" Brennen said 

"Could you please your right next to my phone and if I did I would have to reach all the.." He cut me off "yeah yeah blah blah" 

"Thank you " I said with a cute smile 

"Hey suga plum.. Brennen Taylor kissed you, I think you guys are going to date. I ship it all the way milenen" Brennen laughed as he read what I typed in last night for my note on my phone.

As soon as I new it my face was as red as a rose.   "Oh suga plum don't be so embarrassed. Let's take this from kiss to something else" he winked at me.

He sent chills threw my body. And I loved it...

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I love this book so much and its the first chapter plz keep writing❤