Partners In Crime (Masky x Hoodie Romance)

Partners In Crime (Masky x Hoodie Romance)

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Masky and hoodie are literally partners in crime. They're best friends and have always been close.

Is there relationship Platonic or is it something more? Read to find out! Boy x Boy

Read on my sexy readers ;) and go eat some chocolate cake.

Thanks now all I nead is tickymask as ♦Morales♦(emoshinol siport) or as a 2 sekend side thing in like a dream or something and the chart will be complicated
This is like a pretty family. Slendy is the single father and Masky the confused gay son. So cute fjksjdb <3
Oh my god, if Ben barged in my room wearing Jeff's hoodie....I would laugh my head off XD
Wait a minute so Slendy STILL hasn't taught them about sexuality?
Literally every couple has that one person who steals the others hoodies. Usually the shortest one.
And in that group I'm hoodie and the Masky in the group kissed hoodie and now I ship it