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Super Divine Phoenix High

Super Divine Phoenix High

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CZMO🥀🌺 By TCQueeZLG Updated Aug 28, 2016

I deleted the old version because i got writers block for it. Thats why I didn't update it. Im starting it over


He sat right next to me. "I think we got off on the wrong foot.." He started. I didn't respond.

"Your Aphmau right?" He asked. I remained silent. "Look i know you can talk. My names aaron" he said.

I looked at him. "Its aphmau" i said. "Nice to meet you aphmau as you can tell im new here so i dont know a lot about this school. Maybe you can show me around? The girl that shows me around wont stop trying to flirt with me" he said.

I thought for a moment. I can at least make ONE friend right? I mean i can still keep my secret.

"Sure" i said. "Are we friends now?" He asked. "I really dont want to make anymore enemies on my first day" he said.

"I guess" i said. The bell rang and the students swarmed inside. Im a senior i came here when i was 16 which was 2 years ago and i haven't sat next to, or talked to anyone since i came here so I understand why people were in shock when they saw me sitting next to aaron.


Aphmau Devine Phoenix Odinson, (known as Lady Thor) is the daughter of irene and thor. The two most powerful magic users on earth.

There child had both of there powers. Making her even more powerful. That child is aphmau. Irene and Thor sent her to earth at the age of 16 so her uncles (Loki and the Shadow Lord) don't steal her powers.

Aphmau was always distant from everyone in her school Phoenix Drop. She always wore a mask and never talked to anyone.

That is until a new guy came.

Aaron. He has a deep secret of his own. Hes the future lord of Falcon Claw. He ran away because he hated the idea of being lord. He wants a normal life.

Just like aphmau.

Will they become friends?

caro6345 caro6345 Sep 10, 2016
Netflix only
                              Has season ONE! SEASON 1!! ONLY 48 EPISODES! BUT HULU HAD THEM ALL! I WANT HULU!!
Ch4tt3rb0x Ch4tt3rb0x Sep 09, 2016
Trust the sky army to make a bad event turn....
AlexanderHamilton12 AlexanderHamilton12 Dec 07, 2016
Good Lily your now pretty even though my friend is named Lily
AlexanderHamilton12 AlexanderHamilton12 Dec 24, 2016
Ugh is that a question I'm pretty sure everyone did no adverse I'm trying to be mean
ChloeFT ChloeFT Sep 01, 2016
I've done finished Fairy Tail. I've also finished Naruto, Assassination Classroom, Corpse Party, and more. But who cares, I don't.