Baby Boy ⇝ Lashton [Discontinued] ✓

Baby Boy ⇝ Lashton [Discontinued] ✓

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lizzy ◟̽◞̽ By lashtonsflicker Completed

top!luke // bottom!ash // cross dress!ash 

"baby girl.." 

"I prefer baby boy.."

©Lizzy 2016

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-futurehearts -futurehearts Jun 14, 2016
shít just got real yeah i'm sitting on the toilet 
                              gonna flush it down the sewer mm yeah you know it
ghostbustingluke ghostbustingluke Oct 07, 2016
I saw bottom Ashton and I clicked so fast and choked on my own saliva with how excited I got
daydreaminofyou daydreaminofyou Feb 05, 2017
@cutiepiepastel why does this sound like you when I say literally anything?
SoSowwy SoSowwy Oct 16, 2016
luke, how many of us even want to attend school period?! dafuq u talking about last hour, i didn't want to wake up
larryStylinsonafff larryStylinsonafff Dec 31, 2016
Well maybe i should do this. I low key have no Boobs at all 😂
smilirose smilirose Dec 18, 2016
why would you wear a bra, they're annoying and you don't even have boobs or anything else that it would support...