『 Fairy Tail X Reader ⭐ Oneshots 』

『 Fairy Tail X Reader ⭐ Oneshots 』

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아이얌 By missjeojang Updated May 19, 2017

❝Fairy, where are you going? 
光 全部集めて

「o n  h o l d  f o r  a  w h i le」

I don't accept requests anymore, and I'm sorry that I couldn't write the previous requests anymore. 

I do not own Fairy Tail, all characters are rightfully owned by Hiro Mashima.

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preciouspixie preciouspixie May 09, 2017
Aa! I apologize if this seems like an odd request but- Yuka Suzuki X Reader? And maaaaybe a Toby Horhorta X Reader??
                              (Either one or both can take place during the Tenrou(?) Island Arc. Once again, sorry, this is probably an extremely odd request-)
Imma_bae Imma_bae Mar 15, 2017
I know the present! 
ooAYNAToo ooAYNAToo Jul 06, 2017
Fairy Tail guys fighting over reader ❤️
                              In the end, the reader gets to choose 😍
__qveen__catherine__ __qveen__catherine__ Sep 24, 2017
"and here we see a wild sting eucliffe being shy, what a rare sight to behold"
Imma_bae Imma_bae Mar 15, 2017
I think....... 
                              Rogue said it! 
                              No just kidding it's Frosch
Give me a cat licking my birthday cake if anyone has listened to the song besides me