Forgotten Love (Ink! Sans X Reader)

Forgotten Love (Ink! Sans X Reader)

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"Don't Forget."

Disclaimer: I don't own the AU InkTale give the credit to the one who made it and most of the pics here too!! This is my first story so it is terrible.

Fairytale. All the way. Attack On Titan no thanks (sorry AOT lovers). Though personal fave is Full Metal Alchemist
Well. c'ya. *flips Alphys off while being transported to Fell.*
Welp! *presses button for clumsiness (if dats even a word)* time to fall every 10 seconds and wait for 'falling' jokes and puns! ☆
OMA (Oh my Asgore)
                              This is So me. I LOVE WATERFALL. If I had to choose one place to live it'd have to be waterfall right by the echo flowers.
                              So beautiful
My name is actually did with my undertale game on my computer XD
Kathariter Kathariter Oct 22
I'm never sure.
                              I'm never ready.
                              I'm never tired.
                              I'm always ha v I N G  A  B A D...
                              HOI!!! I'M TEMMIE!