|| My Devious Little Brothers ||

|| My Devious Little Brothers ||

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☺     ✖  KOᖇᑎIᒪYᗩKOKO ✖ ☺ By KornilyaKoko Updated Mar 07

Mirai's mother   is getting married to a rich man , though Mirai was angry that her mother moved on from her father too fast as if she wasn't really in love with him .  

What would happen when she has to live with her younger step-brothers ? The biggest problem was that Mirai has phobia of the boys ! 

This story contains mature themes , read at your own risk .

I spilled my drink once i saw the photo, now my lap's wet. But anyway......*faints*
                              Bassy: Yes, my princess.
                              Me:*faints while Sebastian is burning the mansion*
KatrinePaul KatrinePaul Apr 18
he has heterochromia?! I'm in LOVE! *coughs* I mean
                              welp he's possibly going to be my favourite yandere here
Luckloveme Luckloveme Mar 29
On didn't know the first one but this man is part of my shipping industry 
                              i.e. Akashi  from Kuroko no basket
L-LEVI?! WTF...OI CORPORAL SHORT ASS! GET BACK TO YOUR OWN ANIME (lol jk ....ik it's not Levi but the description matches perfectly)
You just described me in real life
                              Except I'm not 46
                              YOu WizArD...