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My Dearest Rose (Ruby Rose X Reader) [Remaster of Ruby (Ruby Rose X Reader]

My Dearest Rose (Ruby Rose X Reader) [Remaster of Ruby (Ruby Rose X Reader]

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NotJester116 By NotJester116 Completed

Y/N L/N, the son of Ozpin, the headmaster of beacon academy. One of the newest faces at beacon due to Ozpin requesting that he be brought early due to his skill with his curved sword. Being only 15 he has to work harder due to him missing two years of signal.

Ruby Rose, the other 15 year old at beacon, also the leader of team RWBY, but when there's a knock on the door a day after the exam. that's when she meets Y/N, the childhood friend of Blake and the other 15 year old at beacon. Will they be best friends,lovers, or enemies

Hypershades Hypershades 4 days ago
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO who lives in the beacon under the sea? OZPIN SQUIRE PANTS!
Therealbonk Therealbonk Aug 09, 2016
Once I was 11 years old my daddy told me to get a wife or else you'll be lonely
CuteDragonCassandra CuteDragonCassandra Dec 14, 2016
I'd like to point something out here for a sec. There wasn't any Periods or Question marks in the dialouge. Your welcome.
springtrap12 springtrap12 Dec 23, 2016
Uh m8 you kept shifting from 1st person to 3rd person just sayin
FoxFiend175 FoxFiend175 Mar 05
we all use the teleporter let's say, six times a day, times four years, minus the fact that we aren't bread.... 3 days we only got 3 days to live
MatthewMedlock MatthewMedlock Jul 10, 2016
Wait I understand that F/C means favourite colour but what does the T stand for?