Of Sirens and Beasts (Top 10~OnceUponNow) Being Published October 11th

Of Sirens and Beasts (Top 10~OnceUponNow) Being Published October 11th

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Mikaela Bender By MikaelaBender Completed

One of the winners of the OnceUponNow contest! Of Sirens and Beasts will be published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster on October 11th in the Once Upon Now Anthology!

Football uniforms and tutus do not make a pretty picture. That is what Cal's football team, the Beasts, strongly believe. So when their coach randomly decides twelve of them will be taught ballet by a group of twelve sisters, they aren't planning to take any of it seriously. But after waking up in the mornings and not remembering anything of the ballet classes the night before and with the number of football players seeming to shrink, will Cal catch on to the twelve deadly dancing beauties' game before he himself falls into their captivating song of death?

Cover by @emi-leexoxo
Highest ranking: 314 in Fantasy

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MelodyYQZ MelodyYQZ Feb 15
Those toe shoes? THOSE TOE SHOES?! As a passionated dancer, I want to help the sirens with whatever scheme they've cooked up
mrsscrow mrsscrow Oct 24, 2016
Finished Expired and Insurrection so im heere and already liking this
LOL, I want a present at everyones parties! As long as I don't have to buy everyone one 4 my party
LOl, this story is actually very interesting. Mikaela is an amazing writer!
yoyo2344 yoyo2344 Jan 02
Is this wasn't a fantasy, it would ALWAYS be number 1 in humor XD
Amaliastarkiss Amaliastarkiss Aug 27, 2016
I never imagined it to end up like this , but I'll gladly say I'll continue to read it.