Unmasked #newadult

Unmasked #newadult

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Twenty-eight-year-old Kirby, after her past track record with men she's at a point where they are more of an annoyance than anything else in her life. One drunk night leads her to sign up for a strange dating service. 
Thirty-year-old Joseph, after a tragedy tore his last relationship apart he's been waiting for his ex to get over the issues she's working through, but she's been with the same man for a while. He decides to try the dating service. 

Sometimes loving yourself, and learning to love even if it means it can break you is the best thing you can do. Can they make it work?

"Still want that strawberry?" He asks bringing me back from my spiraling nightmare. I guess I'll see him soon enough. 
"Sure," I say, and I soon feel his large warm hand again. This time he runs his finger along my cheek bone. He cups the back of my neck while he runs his thumb down my pulse point, which I'm sure is racing with need. 
He works his way back up to my lips, and says, "Ready?" His rich voice bringing me deeper into need, and the thoughts I had about an ugly man disappears. There's no way a man attached to this hand and that voice could ever be ugly. 
"Yes." I breathe, and a cool strawberry touches my mouth, I part my lips and take a moment to dart my tongue out to see if I can find him, I want to taste him. I find my mark and lick the tip of his thumb and I hear him pull in a quick breath. I bite down on the sweet berry. 
"Mmm, those are good." What's wrong with me? Is it the wine? I'm never this brazen. It has to be the wine. 
He clears his throat. "Yes, they're very sweet." 
The event owner's voice interrupts my thoughts of asking for more wine and says, "The evening has ended. I'd like you all to take your blindfolds off on the count of three. Before you all end your evening I'd like to thank you, and hope you've had a wonderful experience." He waits a few more beats. The anticipation is killing me. "One, two...Three!" 

I take my mask off and gasp...

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analyticaldreamer analyticaldreamer Apr 12, 2017
Woman, I read the word gasp about 20 times in this chapter, did you run a fuckin marathon before going on this date?
orkidyyas orkidyyas Jun 23, 2017
Im super intrigued by this story! Ahhh the fear of the unknown. I'm feeling nervous lol and I wasn't even in this fictional date but I'm on the sidelines like 😲🍿😧🍿😮🍿😏🍿😓🍿😅
aggie23FF aggie23FF Jun 21, 2016
Oh wow, thank you so much for the dedication! I hope I can get my hands on this story very soon! :)
aggie23FF aggie23FF Sep 05, 2016
Okay I finally could read the first two chapters of this story. The descriptions are fantastic! I felt truly connected with the characters and surroundings. Can't wait to read more!
- - Jun 15, 2016
I feel a kinship to her already. I hate wearing makeup and my hair never cooperates with me when I try to curl it.
- - Jun 15, 2016
Dating sites are creepy. I tried a few years ago and wound up deleting my accounts. I would certainly never pay for one. That would be the equivalent of paying for a date, and could be done on Creigslist or any other shady services website.