Hogwarts Costume Party | Snamione

Hogwarts Costume Party | Snamione

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Hogwarts is having a Halloween Party and all of the students are encouraged to dress up. It is Hermione's last year at Hogwarts and she wants to make it the best. She has had feelings for her Potions Professor and pursues him. Will this Halloween Party get really hot, or will it stay cold as the weather?

Warning/Attention - This is a ONESHOT!!!

Cover made by me 😍💞😘

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I tried doing that at my schools snowflake dance but I ended up ditching the group of girls I went with and hung out with a group of guys. This always happens at dances. Don't know why but it just does
- - Jan 04, 2017
Quick tip, think you got confused with it; 'Strictly forbade' means good old Dumbledore told Collin specifically NOT to tell Snape that he has to dress up for the costume party.
Alic_essie Alic_essie Jul 27, 2016
This seems cool! I have read all seven of the novels, so I'm looking forward to your adaptation!
southernmuggle southernmuggle Feb 28, 2017
Awwww!!! It's always more fun to go to dances with a group of girls! I did that my junior year in hs and we had the best time! Plus you can dance with all the guys you waaaannnttt!!! 😂😂 screw that I still danced with all the guys even when I had a date! 😂😂😘❤