Broken (BoyxBoy)

Broken (BoyxBoy)

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Levi By neonlovatic_ Completed

||Book One of The Broken Wolves Trilogy||

Leo Williams was a 16 year old boy that had a normal life, for a werewolf anyway, up until his mom died. After his mother's death Leo's father became abusive and then one drunken night his father raped him. What makes it worse is that the whole pack knows what's happening to him. The reason no one says anything is due to the fact that the Alpha is using Leo as well. To top everything off the Alpha's son, and upcoming Alpha, is madly obsessed with Leo. One day he is given a chance to escape with the help of the Alpha's daughter Haley. After escaping he promised himself he would never trust men again.   Upcoming Alpha, Josh Anderson, of the Midnight Sun Pack is 17 and still hasn't found his mate. When he gets a call from his beta saying a rogue is on their territory he goes to confront the rogue, never expecting what would happen next. When he arrives he discovers Leo and Leo is his mate. Josh notices Leo isn't open with him to begin with, but through his love and determination to make Leo feel appreciated, Leo begins to open up to him, the question is, will everything crumble when Leo's old pack comes back?   Now Leo must make the decision to leave his new pack to save it from the war his old pack wants to start or to stay with his mate in a loving safe environment, will Leo be able to stand aside again as what he loves and holds dear to his heart is ripped from him, or will he fight for his love?....

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dandan11227 dandan11227 Nov 23, 2017
tbh the good thing is none of are homophobic but how dare thhey touch my baby Leo (cody) you fuckeeersss
Madriddler Madriddler Oct 21, 2015
Of course the only person nice to our gay protagonist is female, absolutely. She needs to get a gay BFF somehow
Madriddler Madriddler Oct 21, 2015
Let's see normally I would say "tell the police" but here I will say "tell your Alpha! Grow a brain!!!!"
Jericho_Layson Jericho_Layson Aug 20, 2015
I was imagining the scene like a movie while reading!
Wolfrik Wolfrik Sep 01, 2014
Sh*t, I thought Leo was a guy at first. Please tell me I'm not the only one?.
Always_A_Marauder Always_A_Marauder Jul 28, 2014
wow...great story so far!!so excited too read the rest. i can't believe his dad does this to him.:(...the flashback was so sad.. :'( ..