Kakashi's daughter [A Naruto Fanfiction]

Kakashi's daughter [A Naruto Fanfiction]

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JadeTreeCP By CharTime Updated May 16

A child found in the middle of blood and bodies, asks "what is a family?" How would one react? "9" also known as "Kyuu", is an innocent 11 year old girl who knows nothing of the world.

After being told her family was dead at a young age, she didn't understand, "what is 'family'?" She asked.

Kyuu never lived with a family, nor did she live with care and protection. Everything she know was told to her by 'them'
After being attacked by rouges, which she killed without a single scratch forming on her skin, Kyuu was approached by a man in green spandex and gravity defying silver hair, much like her own, she is taken to the hokage.

She is soon tested on how skilled she is, it is discovered that she is stronger than an average  group of ANBU which catches the interest of many. The hokage lets her stay in the village and become his secret ANBU.

Watch Kyuu and her innocence as she finds out what a family is.

Heehee she's like a cross between the girl (forgot the name at the moment) from Katana Gatari, Alluka from Hunter x Hunter, and Ja'faar from TAoS... anyone else see it?
zeref-ismine zeref-ismine Jul 11, 2016
Thank you people always say it is gray and they think that the person is old!
Huh? Why is she immortal? Isn't her dad kakashi and he was a normal humam
wolfy1345 wolfy1345 Dec 13, 2016
Kinda reminds me of Zeno when the group first find him!! The anime is called yona of the dawn I recommend it!!!
It sweet and all but if I was her I would run from the hug and use either Kakashi or the Hokage as a human shield
WOW SHE IS SO SHORT!! When I was 11 I was around 150 cm tall.