The Masquerade: A Choice Will Be Made (The Wattys2016)

The Masquerade: A Choice Will Be Made (The Wattys2016)

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Jennifer By KatLover000 Updated Jul 24, 2016

Welcome to the country of Northburn. A place of great culture, riches, and high society. At the beginning of each season, a masquerade ball is held in honor of the young ladies whom are eligible for marriage. At this masquerade, every eligible lad and lady of marriageable age is invited. Whether they be rich or poor.

Emily Lowridge was an orphan. She resided at an orphanage in the town of Kiln...until she received an unexpected visitor. A wealthy woman name Khloe. Her Aunt. She wasn't an orphan after all. Turned out, her mother had a sister.

And so, a new chapter is begun. A chapter filled with astonishing revelations, a blossoming romance, and a hard decision.

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- - Jun 15, 2016
I wish that your characters were a little more realistic. Your dialogue and detail are nice, bu your characters act so strange that I cannot connect with them.
LizPer7 LizPer7 Jun 13, 2016
They speak in a very particular, polite way. I like that.
                              Dang, if I was in her place I'd give anything to be a vampire! xD
TheLittleGrimmReaper TheLittleGrimmReaper Jul 12, 2016
"And since we are one the subject of God, I think I want nothing to do with a god"
                              Don't capiyolize the second god, as shown above is how it should be written.
EliesaL EliesaL Jul 04, 2016
I love your writing style.  Very smooth and fitting for the historical setting.
                              Amazing first chapter.
EliesaL EliesaL Jul 04, 2016
I love the strength in her,  despite all the suffering she's been through.
AMajumder219 AMajumder219 Jun 14, 2016
That's it?! She just accepts that she is a half born without questioning the authenticity of the claim or being shocked?!