Percy Jackson x Reader-The Titan's Curse

Percy Jackson x Reader-The Titan's Curse

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Percy received a distress call from Grover he and his girlfriend, (Y/N), Annabeth, and Thalia quickly went to the rescue. What they didn't know is that it was a trap. 

Percy will do anything for (Y/N)...does that include holding up the sky for her??

This is a Percy Jackson x reader during the Titan's Curse. ⚠️I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING AT ALL. THIS BOOK IS BASED ON THE BOOK BY RICK RIORDAN!! Gifs/pictures credits go to the owner ⚠️

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LlamaMarauder101 LlamaMarauder101 Sep 02, 2017
My fatal flaw is Hubris and Personal Loyalty ... so I'm screwed
HayameMichiko HayameMichiko Sep 19, 2017
My fatal flaw is my Compassion, loyalty and uncompromising sense of justice....
hridiv hridiv Oct 25, 2017
                              Read it's sequel Percy Jackson and the trails of Udayan
hridiv hridiv Oct 24, 2017
Sorry wrong link.The right link is 
otaku_person_8 otaku_person_8 Aug 28, 2017
"Don't look at the kids but keep your eyes on the kids." Pick one Thalia.
AutumnEdwards779 AutumnEdwards779 Dec 15, 2017
So I have a saying at my school it is That olaf is a hoeeeeee.