Our Obsession

Our Obsession

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When beautiful 16 year old Olivia Peterson parents tell her she will be attending Winchester Academy, the best boarding school in the country, she was thrilled. Olivia always loved trying new things and meeting new people. She expected it to be another adventure to take on. 

But she didn't expect three extremely powerful men to become infatuated with her. 

Ezra Winchester is not only the headmaster of Winchester Academy, but his family has owned the elite boarding school for generations. 

Many years ago Ezra and his two friends made a pact to find a girl of their own to share and take care of. They are each dominant men who required complete control. 

But years have passed and things have changed. Their hearts were hardened over time and they soon forgot about their little agreement. So when Ezra runs into one of his new students he was shocked when he felt the overwhelming urge to possess her.

After so many years they've finally found their girl.

They've found their obsession.

Wtf I was expecting a nice lil daddy book but I realize this is more dark than I thought
YasOhMy YasOhMy Aug 14
Okay, if this is going to have a bad ending then I should probably go run before I get too emotionally attached.
larriesins larriesins Aug 15
me: stfu she don't need no man to survive fookin dumbasses
                              also me: yes daddy
Every breath u take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take ill be watching u