One Piece Shots

One Piece Shots

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Nicole~ By TheBloodyFullMoon Updated Dec 23, 2016

A collection of oneshots, and maybe a few stories that will last longer.
Any one piece character and any request (except for lemons) - will be accepted.

Step up - don't be afraid,
I don't bite people, as long as I get paid xD
My pay, you ask?
Well, of course, I don't want much:
A comment, a read, maybe a vote here and there
As long as you enjoy it - I don't really care xD

Updates depend on the amount of homework I get, and can go from one week (VERY rare), to a couple of months (also VERY rare).

Pineapple88853 Pineapple88853 Sep 14, 2016
OMG!!!! Tears everywhere Bravo so speechless I love the fluffy's 💗☺and Usopp It was PERF Ithink  I'mgonnacry And I agree with the no lemons I love you for making this gorgeous fanfic.
GreenRevolutionary GreenRevolutionary Jun 19, 2016
Can someone just kill me now? Before I die of embarrasement?