Billionaire's One Night Stand.

Billionaire's One Night Stand.

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Nik_mir. By nik_2229 Updated Sep 15, 2016

"Nandini, your pregnant? Who's child is this?" Manik asked her and that next moment cursed himself for not having control over his tongue. 

"Nice question Mr.Malhotra. Mmmhhh wait let me think how about I say Tom Cruise?" Nandini answered him sarcastically. He wasn't really in mood to bear her sarcastic replies.

"Will you stop talking to me like that?" Manik told her in a low and dangerous tone.

"I talk to jerks and assholes in this way only and since you can't stop being one, I can't help it either." Nandini answered him back being furious. " And by the way I am not a slut who cant keep her legs closed. So u should know who the father is!"

"My child? It's my child. I am a father." He whispered to himself. His mind went blank for a moment, shocked with her revelation and then a sudden happiness seeped through him, realizing the life growing inside her womb is symbol of their love.

"I am so happy baby. It's my child. Lets get married. I love you so much." Manik was on cloud nine he...

Wow just awesome how she just told a billonaire get lost...interseting..
Sofiafarooq1 Sofiafarooq1 Aug 03, 2016
Amazing update.
                              It's realy shocking.
                              What he have hidden plans behind all this mess.
                              Poor Nandu is gonna pay for her father's deeds.
                              Superb start of story.
nafeezabibi nafeezabibi Jun 14, 2016
It was amazing so basically nandini is soha sister i I'm in luv wiz zis story
SizzPani SizzPani Jun 21, 2016
Mahn..I luv both de stories but m nt getting notification 4 ny of ur stories