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♥Supernatural Imagines♥

♥Supernatural Imagines♥

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ɛɱɓɛʀ ɑɳɳ By ember_firelove Updated 2 days ago

Imagines of,
      Sam Winchester,
      Dean Winchester,
      and of course Castiel
      These are imagines of the character x reader. If you want an imagine only for a certain ship feel free to message or comment. Though I can not and will not accept anything that has to do with incest. I'm sorry, but I am not comfortable writing stuff like that and it's just gross.

      I DO NOT own anything from Supernatural. I only own my original plots for the imagines!
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Talking about Baby reminded me of this white '63 Impala that's for sale in my town... I cannot tell you how many times I've mentioned it to my dad. I've never wanted a car more in my life, like it's great but also $23,000😂🙄🤷🏼‍♀️
ThatWeirdMarg ThatWeirdMarg 6 days ago
River I'm sorry! It's not my fualt I looked better than you in the year book!
Yeah I just dandy, just got ghost fûcked. Plus don't think about hooking up with me neither. I don't want to die just yet.
Again! Sass = Gerard Way according to my mind. Not that that's a bad thing per se.....
Hunny don't fücking underestimate girls. Like we may not seem like much sometimes but hunny we're just as strong as you 🙄🙄🙄
ThatWeirdMarg ThatWeirdMarg 6 days ago
I live in the 51st state called Sass, and I live a city called Sassville on a road called Sassy Assy Road