Possessed.| ✓

Possessed.| ✓

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LostInSight ✍️ By LostIn2Sight Completed

Is there a world beyond what we can feel, see and hear? Is there truth in the world of supernatural and paranormal phenomena? Is there something that science is not able to find out?

Because for some unexplained reasons, many things that happen in this world has no logical explanation other than hearsay and denial. But, for those who have to suffer through the unexplained will have something different to say.

Reality is a funny thing and by reading Aisha's story, do decide on your own; What is wrong with her? What happened to her? And most importantly, are demons real?

Welcome to Possessed, a story written on true incidents in the life of Aisha. Where the unexplained takes a toll on her life and mental stability. Do read and share your opinions.

Thank you for picking my book to read.

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