Nagisa... YOU'RE PREGNANT!?!

Nagisa... YOU'RE PREGNANT!?!

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[Picture is not mine. I only saw it somewhere over the Rainbow]

<{Happened after... Hmmm The School trip I guess?}>

{TP is here. Gomenn}

{[Fem Nagisa]}

The Whole Class 3-E attended Nakamura's Birthday on an Private Hotel.

But as Karma got drunk and Nagisa got dizzy. 

They've got on a single room TOGETHER. 


At that Time, Nagisa was asleep. Karma was SUPER Drunk he didn't know everything that happened since then...



"What the--!?"

"Why are you here?!"


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theeMrFOX theeMrFOX Jul 20
They have no parents they will die
                              In darkness
                              While being stabbed 
                              And crying 
                              While f-ing each other
Looks at pissed off tsuna* 
                              Me) ? What the tsuna
                              Tsuna starts charging a X burner*
                              Tsuna) he will pay for what he did to nagisa
Oh god it's one in the morning and I'm laughing like an idiot
grillbytheneko grillbytheneko 4 days ago
What does tp mean in the sentence the tp vanished to who knows where