Nagisa... YOU'RE PREGNANT!?!

Nagisa... YOU'RE PREGNANT!?!

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[Picture is not mine. I only saw it somewhere over the Rainbow]

<{Happened after... Hmmm The School trip I guess?}>

{TP is here. Gomenn}

{[Fem Nagisa]}

The Whole Class 3-E attended Nakamura's Birthday on an Private Hotel.

But as Karma got drunk and Nagisa got dizzy. 

They've got on a single room TOGETHER. 


At that Time, Nagisa was asleep. Karma was SUPER Drunk he didn't know everything that happened since then...



"What the--!?"

"Why are you here?!"


3ug3n3 3ug3n3 Jun 25
How does this have anything to do with assasination? It dosen't even have bitch-sensei in it!?
theeMrFOX theeMrFOX Jul 20
They have no parents they will die
                              In darkness
                              While being stabbed 
                              And crying 
                              While f-ing each other
Looks at pissed off tsuna* 
                              Me) ? What the tsuna
                              Tsuna starts charging a X burner*
                              Tsuna) he will pay for what he did to nagisa
birdfox563 birdfox563 Aug 13
Oh god it's one in the morning and I'm laughing like an idiot
3ug3n3 3ug3n3 Jun 25
Also nagisa is a he, right? I DON'T KNOW!? SOMEBODY TELL ME HIS/HER GENDER!?