Nagisa... YOU'RE PREGNANT!?!

Nagisa... YOU'RE PREGNANT!?!

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[Picture is not mine. I only saw it somewhere over the Rainbow]

<{Happened after... Hmmm The School trip I guess?}>

{TP is here. Gomenn}

{[Fem Nagisa]}

The Whole Class 3-E attended Nakamura's Birthday on an Private Hotel.

But as Karma got drunk and Nagisa got dizzy. 

They've got on a single room TOGETHER. 


At that Time, Nagisa was asleep. Karma was SUPER Drunk he didn't know everything that happened since then...



"What the--!?"

"Why are you here?!"


JustBeNerdy JustBeNerdy Dec 26, 2016
I Have No Idea Who's Who...Isn't This An Anime About Assassins???
FabFanGirlCutie11 FabFanGirlCutie11 Nov 01, 2016
(♡□ ♡)(♡□ ♡)(♡□ ♡)(♡□ ♡)(♡□ ♡)(♡□ ♡)(♡□ ♡)
ParadoxShark ParadoxShark Dec 27, 2016
I bet Koro-sensei saw the whole thing and just acted as if he didn't know about it. He's the one who caught it on video, put it on some porn sites, and wrote this fanfiction on someone's account while they were sleeping.