Graduating Princess

Graduating Princess

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Ben has just been shot, and lies in an induced coma in the hospital. Victor is a mess and AnnaMaria isn't much better. With the violent events in Chirnova and Vladesvya coming to a horrifying climax, the world's eyes are all on them. Chaos ensues as the search for the assassins and their anarchist group begins. Anna's strength will be tested and even Victor will feel the pressure. With her life in danger and her head spinning, will AnnaMaria be able to make it to graduation day?

*Sequel to Suddenly Princess*

NickiCatherine © 2012

@Warrior_Princess_Zoe: Soul Surfer is an amazing movie! I watched it today (again, for like the bazillionth time) because of this series. I am in love with AnnaMaria and Benjamin! So cute. #benna #annamin #benmaria #cantthinkofanymoreshipnames #love
PhileenC12 PhileenC12 May 10
She misses him soo.... much. I love it!! I pray for Ben. He's dah best of all bests. I want him to be okay.
I didn't even read the first sentence and I'm already cryin smh
wildroseHA wildroseHA Apr 15
Good now go to him and tell him please that you truly love him already
I was like making my own Niagara falls when your mom barges in your room and tell you to do your chores....
                              THE GOD DAMN MOMENT MOM
I....I cant....he...there are no words. A moment of silence please. And by silence I mean sobbing.