Give Him Hell, Kid (Frerard)

Give Him Hell, Kid (Frerard)

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As the son of Satan, Gerard believed that his life had many perks. Until...

As a punishment for his usual uncooperative ways, his father sends him to live on earth- to live out his sentence as a high school student. Much to Gerard's distaste.

Frank is your everyday popular pupil. He is well-liked, and appreciated amongst almost everyone. His friends adore him- not to mention most of the female population of the school. But, he doesn't care for that. He cares for his own happiness, his quickly dwindling happiness. Until a red-haired, sarcastic addition to his life changes everything.

Frank is infatuated with this new addition, and can't help but fall into a spiral of addiction, hatred and love- all for the same person.
Gerard adores his ability to control him, to have him there in the click of his fingers.

(Lots of smut as the story goes onnnnnn)

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TacoIsComing TacoIsComing Dec 19, 2017
I don't think school is much different from hell, you'll feel right at home Gee
TacoIsComing TacoIsComing Dec 19, 2017
Holy crap I haven't read this in forever and I completely forgot what it was about, but everything just came back to me lmao
This lifted my soul until my heart was thrown under a semi truck before  hot lava spilled on it and threw it off a cliff.
wolfstar666 wolfstar666 Jan 04
raw meat is actually really delisious but only if it is high quality
why does that look like the DAP whiskers?                          T H E           W H I S K E R S         C O M E      F R O M       W I T H I N -