Give Him Hell, Kid (Frerard)

Give Him Hell, Kid (Frerard)

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As the son of Satan, Gerard believed that his life had many perks. Until...

As a punishment for his usual uncooperative ways, his father sends him to live on earth- to live out his sentence as a high school student. Much to Gerard's distaste.

Frank is your everyday popular pupil. He is well-liked, and appreciated amongst almost everyone. His friends adore him- not to mention most of the female population of the school. But, he doesn't care for that. He cares for his own happiness, his quickly dwindling happiness. Until a red-haired, sarcastic addition to his life changes everything.

Frank is infatuated with this new addition, and can't help but fall into a spiral of addiction, hatred and love- all for the same person.
Gerard adores his ability to control him, to have him there in the click of his fingers.

(Lots of smut as the story goes onnnnnn)

My_Chemical_Avocado My_Chemical_Avocado 18 hours ago
As soon as I looked at the picture Destroya started playing and I'm just sitting here now like "appropriate"
Okay but, she's not allowed to kiss frankie, i dont care how close they are, stay away from my dad
Frnkierxo Frnkierxo Aug 23
Omg I'm just like picturing ms.o'leary from Percy Jackson living in Gerard ways stomach😂
Ah yes because when I see an attractive person, I immediately vomit
Frnkierxo Frnkierxo Aug 23
I remember like 3 years ago, the only fanfics I read were like "Percy Jackson Greek gods go to high school!"
Anonimit21 Anonimit21 Jun 26
WHEN I WAS A YOUNG GIRL someone show me pictures of Frank and Gerard and I said they're cute. I never changed me mind.