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Give Him Hell, Kid (Frerard)

Give Him Hell, Kid (Frerard)

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✖️Etive✖️ By ohholyfrerard Completed

As the son of Satan, Gerard believed that his life had many perks. Until...

As a punishment for his usual uncooperative ways, his father sends him to live on earth- to live out his sentence as a high school student. Much to Gerard's distaste.

Frank is your everyday popular pupil. He is well-liked, and appreciated amongst almost everyone. His friends adore him- not to mention most of the female population of the school. But, he doesn't care for that. He cares for his own happiness, his quickly dwindling happiness. Until a red-haired, sarcastic addition to his life changes everything.

Frank is infatuated with this new addition, and can't help but fall into a spiral of addiction, hatred and love- all for the same person.
Gerard adores his ability to control him, to have him there in the click of his fingers.

(Lots of smut as the story goes onnnnnn)

"It" 😂  I feel kinda bad for laughing but I'm going to hell anyway
Hey If You're The Son Of Satan Can I Finally Get A Pet Demon That I Requested Like A MONTH Ago??
I Wanna Pet Demon!!
                              (Gawd I Read This Out Loud And I Sound Like A Whiny Five Year Old .. Much Like Frank When He Doesn't Get What He W a n t s .. XD)
I literally danced around my kitchen table for twenty five minutes after finding that out then bursting into tears when they announced it was just another release of the black parade
                              Haha Fuuck happiness and emotions
Ive had people get offended for me constantly saying goddamnand i feel bad because i find it hilarious
That happened on my best frens birthday and when i saw her that day she got worried because i cried