Walls (Eren x Reader)

Walls (Eren x Reader)

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Worldwide Handsome By Kim_Seokjin_Is_Bae Updated Jun 25, 2017

(y/n) is seen as an outsider, just someone no-one really understands. Her usual stoic persona relaxes when she meets two boys by the names of Eren and Armin, however the boys have another female friend by the name of Mikasa and they swear to be enemies. 

The only person who ever understood (y/n) was her friend from her past, yet she was separated from them when they were younger and she can no longer remember what they look like or their name.

Little does (y/n) know, but her friend from her past has been in front of her this whole time...

Apologies in advance for any typos or just spelling mistakes in general! Enjoy....

(contains some swears... (^-^))

It's obviously gonna contain some violence, it's bloody AOT/SNK after all...

Of course I do not own any of the Characters in this story!

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