Betrayal - FairyTail Fanfic

Betrayal - FairyTail Fanfic

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Shiro- san By X_Crimson_Avenger_X Completed

After all these years, Lucy, Erza, Juvia and Levy love those boys.
They love them in all of their heart........and .......they just........Broke them.

Anger, Rage, Hope, Trust and LOVE.

This is our story the story of our broken hearts.


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Good bye Fairytail✅
The Forest Of Light ✅
Our new Magic ✅
Elemental Queens  ✅
Grand Magic Games ✅
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I don't own any of the FairyTail or any of the characters.Its all belongs to Hiro Mashima.
I just own the storyline and the plot and the some changes of the characters.

I'm sorry for the wrong spellings and grammars.

The introduction sounds like the introduction from Yandere Simulator