*DISCONTINUED* Bangtan Sex Slave #Wattys2016

*DISCONTINUED* Bangtan Sex Slave #Wattys2016

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Kim DabJoon By silent_demon0103 Updated Dec 21, 2016

A fan girl who writes smuts and fantasize about how good is BTS in bed, finally had the chance to experience it.

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what kind of mother are you? using your daughter as a s3x slave for money... YOU KNOW WHA- GET TF OUTTA MY FACE
Hmm well...  I'm reading a bts sex slave fanfic so... Where the MANAGER I WANNA SIGN UP
AnaJupiter AnaJupiter Aug 24
I would be like Why mom wh— well I don’t mind it’s bts but why😂😂😂
sorry mr. what tf is your name. 
                              i'm  afraid i  can't do that
delataesa delataesa Jul 26
must've read some of her smut online and thought she was the right amount of freaky deaky 😏🤠
GemaG3 GemaG3 May 18
Gurl I love you alredy. I'm 19 too and I feel kinda guilty but I think of having sex with BTS all day...