*DISCONTINUED* Bangtan Sex Slave #Wattys2016

*DISCONTINUED* Bangtan Sex Slave #Wattys2016

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Kim DabJoon By silent_demon0103 Updated Aug 27

A fan girl who writes smuts and fantasize about how good is BTS in bed, finally had the chance to experience it.

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IronyIsBae IronyIsBae Jul 19
bitch wtf you do that i'm gonna stab you. I ain't up for frick-frack-diddly-dacking do it yourself, damn.
vicki-tai_onfleek vicki-tai_onfleek 5 days ago
Song* fucck this śhit I'm out, fucck this śhit I'm out!!!! 😂😂
QueenWynter QueenWynter Jul 06
Yesss. Send me straight to Suga, no problems, no complaints 😂😂😂😝😍
KoiNio KoiNio Jul 25
But update or imma find you house and hold a gun to your head untill you update and when I leave all steal your god danm cups
haha she said 4 rules. She left out number 5 hehe. I don't blame her.
                              pls update soon!