Seducing the Good-Girl

Seducing the Good-Girl

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'If I thought wrapping you in a hug would make it better, I would.'


The Swan family is loaded. Literally. Bella Swan has grown up bathed in the riches of her world-class surgeon father, and her award-winning interior-designer mother, and is, consequently, the most innocent girl known to man-kind. Not head-strong and spoilt, no. Just an innocent little lamb. 

When her parents decide that Bella has had enough of the lavish life-style she's used to in Pheonix, Bella is ripped from her old life and must grown accustomed to Forks, and the ways of your average teenagers. With the help of some friends, Bella finds herself filling her shoes at long last, the dangers and troubles that were once a thing of nightmares have become an everyday occurrence. 

What Bella didn't expect, was to find herself falling in love along the way.

Nameera_Sana Nameera_Sana Nov 28, 2015
Wait what?! I thought they were gonna be Charlie and Renee...
XxForever_15Xx XxForever_15Xx Jul 04, 2015
Seriously ESME and CARSLILE????!!!!! WTF?? They are the nicest peope ever!!! But it is really interesting.
MaryaGraciana MaryaGraciana Oct 19, 2014
names, places. . . are familiar with Twilight characters. :)
Wondering_Past_Hate Wondering_Past_Hate Mar 10, 2014
I understand know. I'm so dumb! It's all switched up. *slaps self four times* could of got it sooner brain.
R_Doster R_Doster Aug 30, 2013
Alright! I read it! and.......... I like it.... It is very different. I was having a Savior withdraw.. SO I hope you update soon....
Niquey_rock Niquey_rock Aug 24, 2013
Plz update soon,I love it so far.Bella seems like Bella and I love Rose in this book