Septiplier on Kik

Septiplier on Kik

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Trigger warning. Depressing thoughts.
Jack: Hey! 
Mark: Who are you? 

Jack messages the wrong person on kik but they create a beautiful friendship and maybe more...

Jack lived in Ireland. Mark lived in Amarica. They both didn't have friends. Both in high school. Both alone. Both in love.

BonnieCHAN_ BonnieCHAN_ 4 days ago
Dark, you are not needed here. Leave. Let their love blossom please =_=
I_Am_Quirky_Trash I_Am_Quirky_Trash Sep 18, 2016
                              GOT WHAT I NEEEED
                              BUT U SAY HE'S JUST A FRIEND
                              BUT U SAY HE'S JUST A FRIEND 
                              If u get the song, i will follow u and we will be frens!
quittyquat22 quittyquat22 Oct 25, 2016
Did anyone else realize that the exclamation point was underlined?😂
JonlockHolmes JonlockHolmes Sep 19, 2016
The sexy photo...
                              WHY MUST YOU DO DIS TO MEH!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?
PlushTrapD PlushTrapD Jan 01
Am I the only one that does that I hate being attached to things cuz I know ill lose it
kimsan__ kimsan__ Sep 12, 2016
I like how it is like 
                              *Marks pov*
                              I dont think I am gay 
                              And then theirs Jack like 
                              *jack pov*
                              Yeah I am gay