Reset Or Relive?- Undertale Sans X Reader (Girl) [COMPLETED✔✅]

Reset Or Relive?- Undertale Sans X Reader (Girl) [COMPLETED✔✅]

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(cringy as frick don't read please I beg you)

Y/n was just looking for her close friend Frisk when she falls down into the underground through the mountain. She meets a fish, an anime Dino Lizard, two skeleton brothers, two goats, her old sister the devil, Frisk and a retarded flower.
She starts to develop feelings for the oldest of the skeleton brothers, Sans. He's always cracking puns and always looking out for his brother. But he also develops feelings for Y/n. How sweet~ ❤!

 Not ! 

They both know that if they're not careful, the devil will force Y/n to reset the current timeline and to kill everyone Y/m cares for.

Can they live happily? Or will it all end in despair and a river or tears? I know which one. So should you.

You'll know, won't you Y/n? You're the one who lived through it. Not me.

Book One
I don't own anything except how the story goes or how some characters react to certain situations.

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