The Bad Boy ➡ myg + pjm

The Bad Boy ➡ myg + pjm

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uwu By -kiwijiminie Completed

Min Yoongi a bad highschool student. Bad grades, fights, skipping, etc.

Park Jimin a good highschool student. Excellent grades & conduct, loyal and sweet. ❤

Will they get together? Will Yoongi change his ways?

💫 8/17/2016 - 6/26/2017 💫

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This looks alot like a skit btw did why Yoongi played that foreign exchange student. It was funny really, and I love how i can imagine this all play out in a similar way.
He sees jimin on the floor...............................BEATEN?!!!!!!
                              *grabs knife* WHO DARED TO TOUCH YOONGIS CHIM CHIM ?!!!!! HMMMM??!!!! WHO?!!!
-chokes. Manages to stop. Gets triggered- WHO IS BEATING UP MY CHIM CHIM?? HMM??
Oliviaisannoying Oliviaisannoying 20 hours ago
                              it’s nice to see exo in fanfics cos i’m trying to remember everyone’s name in exo but it’s not going that well bc i know face but i dunno name
Fergs_ Fergs_ Dec 05
I use to always say that. But. Tbh. I would love to go back and get better grades... I mean. School is shite but needed...
                              Though. I'd defo go to the same school as these boys, it'd be waaaay much better 😂
Alley_Eleni Alley_Eleni Nov 07
Haha I had a dream my school was a jail and I was stuck with bts 😂😂