The Bad Boy ➡ myg + pjm

The Bad Boy ➡ myg + pjm

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可愛い By -yoongifromstatefarm Completed

Min Yoongi a bad highschool student. Bad grades, fights, skipping, etc.

Park Jimin a good highschool student. Excellent grades & conduct, loyal and sweet. ❤

Will they get together? Will Yoongi change his ways?

💫 8/17/2016 - 6/26/2017 💫

What even is annyeonghaseyo, I only know annyeongseo😂😂😂
To let us not have a happy childhood and to murder us slowly
MinJankz MinJankz Aug 05
I once said annyong to my friend and she started sobbing and saying
                              "I'm annoying?!" 
Ikr top of the market.  The perfect round booty that is all natural.
If jin hadn't already been introduced I'd think this was him