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Cliche Naruto fanfics

Cliche Naruto fanfics

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otakmoo By otakmoo Updated Mar 15

Just your average rant book ^-^

DarkPrincess758 DarkPrincess758 3 days ago
....they do know that they can't just "have the rinnegan"?...right?
AoAnimeGeek AoAnimeGeek Apr 16
                              "Hey, what's your cool mystical power thats super overpowered bestowed to you by the overlord?!"
                              "Uhh, every time I sneeze I float and I burp fire."
                              I present to you My OC guys
Oreo Pedo.
                              Now I've seen everything there is to possibly see! *covers eyes*
Aesthiccc Aesthiccc Feb 23
Or when the oc has the 12 tails?! Like where the other 2 at???
Aesthiccc Aesthiccc Feb 23
When they get super kawaii desu wings instead of looking like jugo. 
                              Its a curse seal.
                              Not a seal that makes you beautiful.
I like this book... its good for rants...
                              And i could also read what people hate AND NOT put it on my drafts! Yey!