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They thought life might return to normal. They were wrong. 

After putting a stop to Elise's genocidal plans to exterminate humans with the wolf gene, the Alliance thought they were done with the Unum Sandalf Alpha. However, odd animal attacks and bizarre creature sightings point to Elise's return. Now with the CDC and a secret government department aware of genetic differences in some humans, they must find Elise before the entire werewolf community is exposed. 

However, as they get closer to tracking down the elusive Elise, things aren't quite as they seem, and the team is confronted by hybrid creatures' which are not quite human-and not quite wolf.

Can the team stop Elise before their race is exposed and humans discover they are not the only ones at the top of the evolutionary scale?

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jcl2017 jcl2017 Oct 09
War form. Lunar Solders (Cinder). Called differently in other books, but so far, the essence and emotion in which you've described them is my favorite!
Chupacabra!!! Which in literal translation means goat sucker
What happened to the whole "know when you can't fight" and knowing the pressure points to wind the creature and then run Murphy 😂 tell Katy to run in the second book of the series and look where you're at 😂 I would've ran like the wind ages ago tbh
Apparently, being half-wolf/half-human isn't good enough . . . He wants to be Tarzan, too. 😂
lwalke lwalke Jul 05
This reminds me of Remus Lupin from Harry Potter when he turned into his werewolf form
Maybe his eyes? They did look human, after all, so maybe that is a weaker part of its body?