The Original ⇒ Stilinski

The Original ⇒ Stilinski

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❝"You two were undeniable. Your eyes sparkled for each other?" 
"They did." 
"Then why are your hands not braided into his?" 
"I guess he loved her more than he loved me," she says.❞

Amelia Mikaelson is an original, obviously, you can tell from her last name, Mikaelson. At first, she leaves Mystic Falls to join her family in New Orleans, but disgusted by their cruelty she leaves in search of a new life. She stops in Beacon Hills, California, where she hears talk of a dead body that was sliced in half. Curiosity gets the best of her and she follows two teenage boys, Scott McCall and his best friend Stiles Stilinski.

Amelia ends up following them enough to know where they go to school, of course, she goes and starts becoming their friend to know more about this dead girl who was sliced in half. That is until she finds out that Scott was bitten by a werewolf and that he is turning. Shocked by this she decides to stay and help Scott from all of the evil things out there, including her family. 

With the help of her old friends in Mystic Falls, she might be able to help Scott and his pack. But in the middle of all the hunters, the Kanima, Kanima Master, and all of the drama Amelia manages to fall in love with someone, who's already in love with someone else.

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I already ship them and i haven't even read the book yet.  The trailers were absolutely amazing.  The first one made me cry tbh.
I can't find the song from the third trailer anywhere  who's it by?
MrsBuzolic MrsBuzolic Feb 24
I love all of those trailers!!! You need to teach me your editing ways
DaniBanani13 DaniBanani13 Dec 24, 2016
That was the best trailer i have ever seen 
                              And that is saying something