College Life (Complete)

College Life (Complete)

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In College Life, Sang and Kayli meet their boys a bit differently, and the Academy isn't as much of a secret. Join the Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle teams in their quest to find acceptance, happiness, and most of all love. Watch as Sang and Kayli join the ever exclusive Academy, the biggest social organization on campus, and learn with them, that even organizations in the spot lights have secrets.

**Things to keep in mind**
-Kayli and Sang are both 19
-GB ages still go according to Sangs age
-SB boys ages range from 21-24 (Never too old to go to college)
-The shower incident didn't happen
-The vinegar and lemon punishment happened frequently, eventually her throat became accustomed to it and it made her singing voice better. (Probably impossible but this is fiction so idc)
-I have absolutely no knowledge of motorcycles so forgive anything that makes no sense
-This is not for personal gain blah blah blah all GB & SB characters belong to the lovely creative mind of C.L. Stone
-Also beware the plot bunnies


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9CorazonesOcultos 9CorazonesOcultos Apr 22, 2017
I'd like to point out that I'm 13, and still two inches taller than Sang. 👏🏻
iamsmiley09 iamsmiley09 Sep 01, 2017
Is it wrong that I won't read this series until I'm sure they are going to end up together in the end happily ever after I just can't read the whole story and then have them not together it's too sad
jess_u_up jess_u_up Jun 07, 2017
All Raven's classes are alone? Is this part of the plot? It makes me sad. He's my baby. My giant, sexy, Russian baby.
- - Aug 20, 2016
Untreated to see how Kaily and Sang work in a positive way! :)
EmileeMonroe EmileeMonroe Jun 18, 2016
That seems like it would be a pain to write around and get all the times right.😯
Ancestralgirl Ancestralgirl Jun 11, 2016
Good start.   Let's see how the reinvented Sang deals with boys. 😉