Bad Boy✖️lucaya (COMPLETED)

Bad Boy✖️lucaya (COMPLETED)

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EVOLution By CrystalHarts Completed

Lucas Friar is the bad boy in Abigail Adams High. Maya Hart is the new girl who doesn't pay attention to bad guys. Or bad girls.

How will they meet?

Will it begin with a fight?

Or will it begin with a stare?

So many questions not answered... Yet!

Read the story to find out!


(Characters do not belong to me)

WaffleKueen WaffleKueen Sep 02
Well Minkus Hayes his name and wanted to put his son through the same pain.
I would fall under the band geeks... CUZ IMMA FREAKING SAVAGE FLUTIST!! 😂😂
I'd probably be in the band geeks because I play bass and stuff but MEAN GIRLS
xfleetfootx xfleetfootx Jul 26
Pfft hahhahahahha sorry it's just XD his name XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD!
mayasha2004 mayasha2004 Aug 04
                              My name is Maya too, high five.
                              WE, THE MAYAS WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD, NO..THE UNIVERSE😈.
                              I just had to do that sorry keep on reading, sorry to disturb😂😂
I don't think I got in with any of those. The geeks are too soft, the jocks are too athletic, I'm not really that popular, I'm not lame either, I don't have too bad of an attitude, I'm not that gothic, and I don't try to be someone I'm not (besides the dank meme I am)