Guilty Academy | Complete

Guilty Academy | Complete

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Jenna Streety By JennaTheDarkOne Completed

No Longer Being Dramatically Edited!!
It's Still Not Changed From The Original But, Instead, The Rewritten Version Will Be Uploaded As A Separate Story. So, Please Ignore Any Typos Or General Mess Ups. I Know They're There, But I Won't Be Changing Them. :P 

(Winner of the Watty Awards 2012 Adventure, Undiscovered Gems)

Everyone in this world is guilty of something, whether it's something as simple as lies and deceit or something far more serious like theft or murder. We're all guilty.

I've done a lot of things in my life but I still have my boundaries, so what would you do if someone accused you of something you swore you'd never do? And, to top it all off, the cops send you to a school for juvenile delinquents called Culpable Academy and make you join a group for troubled teens?

I thought I had secrets - but none of mine can compare to these trouble makers. 

© JennaTheDarkOne

GodOfNone GodOfNone Jan 09, 2015
I noticed how you said live with her mom and her boyfriend but not her dad so I can only guess that she inherited whatever it is that she ACTUALLY got sent to the academy for from him.
AkiraMichaelis13 AkiraMichaelis13 Jul 13, 2014
sounds good so far :3 If you like you can check out my book called BloodLust. It's cool like this
cutie-kimi cutie-kimi Mar 31, 2014
I love the people you chose to play and I have no clue where Arizona is so I think its in America or brazil....
Evanna_ Evanna_ Dec 06, 2013
Hey everyone:) Sorry to bother you guys but I've been working really hard on my new book and was wondering if you could check it out? Its called "A Fresh Start". If you like it mail me and tell your friends about it!:)
blue_rosario blue_rosario Oct 03, 2013
awesome trailor. i like totaly know who or maybe what all of her new friends are.:)
PrincessLilyxo PrincessLilyxo Aug 21, 2013
OMG I LIVE IN CHANDLER, ARIZONA!!! And sorry, but we don't have a skate park here.