The Friendzone Promposal -#OnceUponNow

The Friendzone Promposal -#OnceUponNow

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Mallory has dreamed of, drooled over, and loved Trevor from the trenches of the Friendzone for over a year. When he asks her to help him deliver a Promposal to the new girl Jessica, she dreams of the magic of fairy tale's, but only belief in herself can help her find her wings. Can she soar from the Friendzone to a Promposal of her own?

This is my entry for the Once Upon Now contest.

❤️❤️Votes count only June 14- June 21!!!❤️❤️

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mestrin mestrin Nov 29, 2017
Haha! I wish I could summon those evil flying monkeys. Like when there's a line at the market, it would be so great to have a swarm of flying monkey swoop in and chase off that bozo buying turkey bacon and pistachios with a check.
fulloflife_wani fulloflife_wani Jul 18, 2017
It stings but it's kinda true, for a girl that prefer to have guy best friend rather than a girly best friend. Not trying to stereotype,just an opinion.
mestrin mestrin Nov 29, 2017
OK, I'm old so I Google Promposals. I had no idea they were a thing. I'm really glad I went to the prom before there was an internet. Classic is the way to go.
mestrin mestrin Nov 29, 2017
That still leaves him with one kidney. He'll be fine!  When I was his age, we walked to five miles in the snow just to get dial dialysis. Kids today...
mestrin mestrin Nov 29, 2017
I tried that once. I didn't make general, but I did get some dope winter camouflage gear.
Shelby_Painter Shelby_Painter Jun 20, 2016
Great first chapter. I really like the characters so far. I will definitely keep reading!!:)