The Friendzone Promposal -#OnceUponNow

The Friendzone Promposal -#OnceUponNow

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Mallory has dreamed of, drooled over, and loved Trevor from the trenches of the Friendzone for over a year. When he asks her to help him deliver a Promposal to the new girl Jessica, she dreams of the magic of fairy tale's, but only belief in herself can help her find her wings. Can she soar from the Friendzone to a Promposal of her own?

This is my entry for the Once Upon Now contest.

❤️❤️Votes count only June 14- June 21!!!❤️❤️

Something tells me she isn't going to be a spectator for long, this is a wonderful start to your story. Very engaging.
Great first chapter. I really like the characters so far. I will definitely keep reading!!:)
SallyMason1 SallyMason1 Jun 18
Nice intro, I like Mallory already :) Trevor is so clueless it almost hurts!!
ChrisBuono ChrisBuono Jun 20
I liked the mesh-in mention from different tales, so to speak, @tamoja !  For example, "Wizard of Oz" monkey line and "Sleeping Beauty" mirror, mirror quip.  Good luck!
Love this so far! Mallory is so relatable, and I'm sure an awkward situation is coming her way! I'm excited to see where this will go :)
iwillian2 iwillian2 Jun 19
I loved this story! I am going to repost it for my followers.