Banana Bus Crew Smuts (weekly updates)

Banana Bus Crew Smuts (weekly updates)

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Twenty One Rejects By H2OVanoss_Valirious Updated Jan 15

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**Cover made by @h2ovanossi on Tumblr**

Parents: Are you depressed? You're always in your room.
                              Me: No, I'm reading.
                              Parents: Reading what?
U typed this while ur family was in the room... *gasp* rebel.
-GayUnicorns- -GayUnicorns- Nov 09, 2016
Me: *Reads fanfic*
                              Mom:Clean your room! 
                              Me:*stares at mom* BOIII!!!
Panda_Lover23854 Panda_Lover23854 5 days ago
I read this whole thing and i was eating ice cream not weird right
ZoeyJackson321 ZoeyJackson321 Nov 30, 2016
*reads while friend stands behind you reading over shoulder*
JazzyTeddy JazzyTeddy Jul 03, 2016
Omg your Athours note had me laughing way longer  then It should have