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Banana Bus Crew Smuts (weekly updates)

Banana Bus Crew Smuts (weekly updates)

39.8K Reads 991 Votes 14 Part Story
Twenty One Rejects By H2OVanoss_Valirious Updated Dec 11, 2016

Enjoy the smuts. If you ever have any suggestions you can always comment on the "Suggestions" chapter or message me or even go on my profile.

• H2O Vanoss/Vanlirious
• Brohm
• OhmtOoNz
• H2OtOoNz
• MiniCat
• Daithi de Lui
• BasicallyIDoseven
• TerrorSnuckel

**Cover made by @h2ovanossi on Tumblr**

Omg meeee I'm usually dead serious when i write and people try to peak on my screen bc they think I'm arguing
TJfuzzy TJfuzzy Mar 12
Unstoppablecats yes then tyler walks in and does the same fricken thing
TJfuzzy TJfuzzy Mar 12
So true, I have to huddle up in a corner just to read anything on my phone. Everone is trying to get in my business and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY DUDE!!!
I only read smuts in my bedroom or bathroom O.o
                              I can't read where there's people😂
Parents: Are you depressed? You're always in your room.
                              Me: No, I'm reading.
                              Parents: Reading what?
*mini appears out of nowhere*
                              I SEXUALLY IDENTIFY AS A BROCOLIIIII!!!!
                              Lmao idk why I allways think of that when I see sexually fustrated