The Devil In Disguise | Wattys2016

The Devil In Disguise | Wattys2016

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Michelle, the fry. By stfumichelle Updated Oct 19

"You know, I've never lied to mom and dad, that is, until today." I lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling. 

"Well, things are going to change now." He balances his head on the palm of his hand and looks at me, smirking. 

"You're a devil in disguise, are you aware of that?" I shake my head and smile. 

Alexis Hunter was a simple girl whose life rotated around her parents, best friend and school. But that was only until the drop dead gorgeous Cade Knox, moves into her school and eventually, becomes a part of her life. 

[On Hold]

This story contains slang language.

amotione amotione Sep 19
I knew I wasnt the only one who still said thou and thy AHAHAH
amotione amotione Sep 05
I swear the reason of your whole existence, Michelle, is to make me hungry at 11pm
delxrious_ delxrious_ Aug 11
boi let go of her hand before I grab yours and stick it up ur nose
I don't like British accents... They sound kinda pretentious
She has the luxury of eating that beautiful breakfast.....I hardly have time to drink a cup of tea in the morning
itsthumper_ itsthumper_ Sep 08
does nobody else get that like, literally & so cute are the names of Kylie's first 3 lip glosses? 😂