Il Mio

Il Mio

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Roman and Audrey's Story. 

"What is it that you want from me?" I cried, tears spilled down my face onto my lap. 

His rough finger lifted my head up to look at those grey eyes I had grown so accustomed to. 

"Love me again." He whispered, his minty breath filled my nose. 

"What?" I looked at him in disbelief. 

"I want you to love me again. That is all that I ask of you." He kissed my lips gently like before and left the room without another word.

Warning ⚠️ 

Will Include The Following;  

✕ Violence (domestic) 

✕ Abuse 

✕ Kidnapping 

✕ Sexual content 

✕ Mature language

-monarchy -monarchy Mar 22
Hoping that this doesn't glorify Stockholms and emotionally abusive relationships. 
                              I'm goin in bitches.
Well i miss this story so i dont care about all those grammar and stuff. U are a great author so far and i love all ur stories. I find how incridible person u are to spend time to write
Wow this sounds really good! 😍 Love how you started this book ❤️
Dope_Boy_Zuko_2017 Dope_Boy_Zuko_2017 Aug 15, 2016
WAIT! You know Nenerh1 too!?? She's like a really good friend of mine...don't read my comments on her story you will literally piss yourself.
lilyevanswriting lilyevanswriting Nov 28, 2016
So poetic and beautiful, holy crap. I'm awestruck 😍😍😍
Nenerh1 Nenerh1 Aug 08, 2016
No problem hon, great beginning and good luck...thanks for the dedication 😊😘👍