Astronomicon 3: Those Left Behind

Astronomicon 3: Those Left Behind

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Paul Vincent By Astronomicon Completed

In the face of imminent annihilation, a population makes a last stand against insurmountable odds. 

Astronomicon: Those Left Behind is the epic account of the deadly invasion of the Eridani homeworld. Caught up in the mayhem and destruction, an ordinary man strives to save his children. Their only chance is infiltrating the secret evacuation fleet for the elite, but first he must ensure that fleet escapes without detection.

This 3rd volume in the epic Astronomicon series is the story of the Eridani people's last stand, their attempts to foil an alien enemy's intention to wipe them from existence and a mystery that runs deeper than any of them suspect.

This is a 16 chapter sample. The full novel is available on Amazon.

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Michael1969 Michael1969 May 06, 2017
Well that's a major hint on what type of weapons they need to be using against them!
ralph0012 ralph0012 Jan 09, 2017
Very good books you have written Paul keep it up😉😉😉😉
Docara Docara Jun 11, 2016
WOW! WTF  "Book 3 ???!!!!!!" I was still waiting for book 2 to update - didn't know it had finished
lady_love152 lady_love152 Aug 24, 2016
Ok so they can help stop them so let's see how they can stop them ok
Equinella Equinella Jan 21, 2017
Would this be "growing array *of red warnings blinked.." (or *of red warning lights blinked)?