BTS Jungkook Imagines

BTS Jungkook Imagines

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Jennie Kim's Wifeu By kpop_beautiful Updated Nov 18

Dedicated to my Kookie.. U know who u are. 

Follow her @jeongkookie100 


Also to Jungkook lovers. 



[Slowly Updated]

P.S. There will be Imagines and 'text messages'.

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OH god..... Imma have to pretend to hate IU,but it's  IU I don't wanna..... OH well just get it on with,it's pretend, okay let's do this. Just pretend pretend,and get it over with
Dang man you can't just not wanna go out with me because of that and then for you to reconsider na man you out
TheMangle12 TheMangle12 Jul 04
Why does this annoy me, if jungkook said that to me at the beginning of the story I'd never talk to him again, and wouldn't take the challenge
I'm not hating but I didn't really like this. You shouldn't have to change your appearance just so someone will like you.
“My name, Jungkook. Scale is, Jungkook. International playboy.”
Fu*k u jeon jungkook i dnt want u to go out with me nomore.. If you don't know how to respect a girl then im out