One True Tale (Sans X Frisk / Frisk X Sans)

One True Tale (Sans X Frisk / Frisk X Sans)

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Sakura By InspiringBlossom Updated Dec 17, 2016

In this story .... Frisk is suicidal ,but she overcome it ,because of her friends help. Sans was aslo there to support her.
But before that.....Something bad happened that frisk didn't really want to happen.

 not everything in this description is always the topic of the story.
I won't tell spoilers too much or you wouldn't enjoy the story.

This story was originally named "the choice" before.
But i decided to make this a pretty long story.

The cover's art was made by me.

LunarWolf8 LunarWolf8 Jun 11, 2016
Yes!! Thank you, everyone one says that Chara possesses Frisk but I always belived that Chara just encouraged them and Frisk did it by themselves until level 20.
TAGD123 TAGD123 Jan 28
You don't know how to spell some words but you know a SWEAR WORD
ATFrisk ATFrisk Nov 01, 2016
(this is a joke)
                              It should be:
                              "Frisk saw a big ass hole in the mountain."