Protection  {Gaster! Sans x Frisk}

Protection {Gaster! Sans x Frisk}

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After falling into a hole on MT. Ebbot, you find yourself in the home of the monsters. Cold and scared, you try to find a place for shelter, but apparently monsters aren't very kind to humans. 

[WARNING]: Tourture and Abuse  (not from Sans you kinky sinners.)

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Kind of a Slow burn

musicnova musicnova Nov 09
I checked and it said g sans x frisk not g sans x reader so why all the you,your and so on instead of frisk,she and her and so on?
I m loving this story!!!! I feel so happy! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!
TheShrugirl TheShrugirl Nov 22
"Bridal style"...
                              (Brain processing information)
                              Left brain: Welp, that escalated quickly...
                              Right brain: OMGGGG!!!! *fangirl demon scream*
Damn you Gaster!Sans! Why do you have to be so sweet and fricken sexy!
..I am a BITCH! 
                              I almost freeze to death than was saved, pretty much say, "SEE YA FUCKERS!" ?! Dang..
flowers_fall flowers_fall 2 days ago
So if there is Human Trafficking in the Monster world, were the mosters also subject to trafficking when they were on the surface? Who knows