Protection {Discontinued}

Protection {Discontinued}

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Cannon By Cannoness Updated Sep 25

"What are you doing out here?" He asked.

Tears stung my eyes once more as I tried find the right words "I don't have any money so I was just looking for a place to sleep when..." my voice trailed off.

The hooded figure nodded. "I see." He sounded sympathetic.

He extended his hand towards me "Come on then." his gaze met mine.

He wanted me to go with him? After everything that just happened, that's what he wanted?

This seemed shady.

My eyes focused on the hole that went through the palm of his hand, before quickly returning my gaze to him.

"Why should I trust you?" I said, shooting him slight glare.

He shrugged. "You don't have to."

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No frisk is in the underground thing and the monsters are Undine and sans and ect so no the monsters are NOT humans.
JimPhoenix7 JimPhoenix7 Aug 30
Oh rlly? *Checks shadiness scales: 0.000000000000000000001 percent less shady
Magicgazer05 Magicgazer05 2 days ago
I'm thinking of G as Darth Vader right now XD
                              Using DA FORCE on one of his enemies by holding them up in the air *imagines G in a Darth Vader suit*
                              *falls down laughing*
im dying, because I know, reading this is going to be good and its going to end
Magicgazer05 Magicgazer05 2 days ago
*thinks randomly of Olaf*
                              Olaf: I can't feel my legs
                              Frisk: I can't feel my legs
                              FRISK IS OLAFFF 
Magicgazer05 Magicgazer05 3 days ago
                              Say, if this is Splinter,  then WHERE DA TURTLES