Torn (BoyxBoyxBoy)

Torn (BoyxBoyxBoy)

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Mrs. Tumnus By YaoiLuvr4Lyf Completed

Andrew "Drew" No-Name has amnesia. That's no lie or secret to the Hackensacks School for Boys. He was found at the fresh age of nine, wandering the streets outside the boarding school, that soon became his home.  The only home he ever knew. And now, Drew is harboring a dirty little secret. His large heart has managed to capture his two best friends, but are they able to love him back just as much? Or is that to much trouble? He's lost, confused, and hurting. Along with the facts that he's torn between decisions, and that tear is only going to rip wider, not mend smaller. 

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lilingppg007 lilingppg007 Apr 11, 2015
I still love your writing. I am also still pissed for not knowing about the books being updated and completed. I am ashamed to call myself a fan. ;-; sorry
lilingppg007 lilingppg007 Apr 11, 2015
I went through your profile and saw this was completed and I got confused and i was like why isn't this in my library what and now I'm really pissed at myself for not knowing this was back to and completed.
Nehhcir Nehhcir May 28, 2014
Great work! just reading the first chapter and im hooked already! interesting!!! thanks for writing this story!
kia9814 kia9814 Jan 19, 2014
There are other chaptera already posted so do I go ahead and read those or do I wait for you to update?
Reign_Kazekage Reign_Kazekage Oct 11, 2013
I just started reading and im in love....i want to marry your writing.
DomineseCrafted DomineseCrafted Sep 14, 2013
Ooh... Interesting plot planned out here.... Liking it already... ^_^